Find your JIRA’s attachments by content

In Digital Toucan we use JIRA for almost everything. We use it for development, finances, marketing, travel approval and recruitment. And we attach a lot of files. Text files with design docs, PDFs with invoices, Excels with budgets, Word files with resumes, and keynote and powerpoint marketing documents. Anything we do goes to JIRA. And a lot of the issues we create contain attached documents.

And we could never find these documents. It took us a while once to find a design document, which was relevant to the problem we were solving. We knew it was in a PDF file containing “kubernetes”, but how do we find such thing in JIRA? No idea.

The problem we faced, which was finding important company document in JIRA motivated us to develop the newest feature of JQL Search Extensions. We built searching for attachments by their content. And the problem is solved.

The new: “attachmentContent” JQL keyword lets you searches through your PDFs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and plain text files. Together with other JQL keywords offered by¬†JQL Search Extensions, such as attachmentExtension, attachedOnDate, or attachedByUser it allows you to quickly find your important documents. How?

1. On the main menu bar, select search. Choose advanced search.
2. Type “attachmentContent” and use “~” (like) operator. And type the phrase you’re looking for.

That’s it. Issues with your documents are there.