People, Project Management and Structures for Jira.

How Jira hierarchies improve project management across teams.

How to use Jira for Project Management Teamwork Across Departments

It’s the one moment every member of any team dreads, yet has almost inevitably experienced: when someone responds to your quick question about a task with, I thought you were working on that? Cue awkward silence, panic, and a major interruption to the task you already had in progress.

Multi-level organisation — introducing Jira hierarchies.

How multi-level Jira hierarchies give a better overview of your projects.

Multi-level Jira hierarchies for project overview.

Grouping Jira issues allows you to gain an understanding of your progress.

Jira project overview Structure Jira issue hierarchy

Organize them in a Jira hierarchy view using directories. Drag and drop Jira epics, issues, and subtasks, or create new issues directly from the Panorama view.

Visualise link structure in Jira
Simplify your project tracking: easily visualise your link structure in Jira

Get multi-level insights that make a difference

Easy Combo Moves for Advanced Jira Reporting

Get an aggregated value of reported time for each sprint (or feature, or issue) and then organize by priority.

Check how much time your team spent fighting bugs versus new features by simply grouping by issue type.

Group by “Resolution date” and issue type to see how your bugs to feature work has changed over time.

Combine “due date” and status, to highlight Jira issues with an approaching due date that are still not in progress.

When you’re managing projects across multiple teams, customizing Jira to align with your way of working should be your first step. It frees up time for you to focus on the real complexities of your job, instead of chasing information or struggling to balance multiple reports.

After all, when you spend less time trying to track down the right information, you’ll be able to use that time more efficiently. Start using that information and the insight it provides to improve your teams’ ways of working; the results across your teams will speak for themselves.

If you’re working with Jira you already know what a powerful tool it can be, thanks in part to the Atlassian Marketplace, which offers a huge range of applications to extend Jira’s functionality.

Panorama for Jira allows you to create projects that are structured the way you need them. Enhancing Jira by adding multi-level functionality, Panorama for Jira lets you structure work projects in hierarchies to easily track progress and find the information you need.

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