Digital Toucan has joined Appfire!

Digital Toucan Acquisition

We are so excited to share that Digital Toucan has joined Appfire, the enterprise collaboration company for teams looking to make work flow. Appfire is the largest software provider in the Atlassian ecosystem, with 25,000 customers, including over 60% of the Fortune 1000.

By leveraging Appfire’s well-established platform and infrastructure, including world-class standards for customer support, security, and compliance and the camaraderie of more than 700 team members across critical administrative and technical functions, Digital Toucan will continue to enhance the functionality of our apps for customers worldwide.

We founded Digital Toucan in 2016 with the mission to help organizations find success and achieve their goals using Jira. As we complete our transition to Appfire, we’ll continue to be motivated by the same values of transparency, trust, integrity, and collaboration that drive us today. Our goal, and Appfire’s will be to help bring Jira data to life for our customers, and to provide the best user experience. Our customers are in great hands with Appfire and can expect the same top level of support and product functionality. 

To learn more about this exciting news, read Appfire’s blog post or reach out to the team if you have questions about this change or any of Appfire’s products. We also encourage you to follow us for informative updates and access to helpful resources on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

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