JQL Search Extensions
for Jira Demo

A masterclass to unleash the power of JQL.
Hosted by co-founder, Daniel Turczanski

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In this insightful demo, you’ll learn about all the fantastic capabilities of JQL Search Extensions for Jira and how to use them effectively to stay on top of your project management needs.

One of Digital Toucan’s very own co-founders, Daniel, gives us a brief intro into why the app is needed and guides us through some of the processes faced when getting started with JQL Search Extensions. Overall, you’ll learn how to search and report in Jira more efficiently which directly translates to more productive work days for you and your team!

Here’s the agenda and timestamps of the webinar below:

0:00 Introduction
Intro to JQL Search Extensions for Jira
1:01 Limitations of basic JQL
2:02 JQL Search Extensions for Jira
Getting Started With the App
3:02 Aliases
4:35 Functions
Use Cases for Search Extensions
7:12 Creating filters
9:23 Generating reports
17:07 Integrations with other apps
19:15 Conclusion
The Essential Spellbook to Unleash Advanced Jira Query Language (JQL) Magic

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