Company level

OKR Examples for Company Level

Objective: Expand our services to Asian markets

  • KR1: Identify the current demands and three possible gaps in the local market.
  • KR2: Ensure that the product meets all the requirements of the new market.
  • KR3: Hire three new sales and marketing experts to support market expansion.

Objective: Improve customer retention to drive revenue

  • KR1: Achieve a customer onboarding rate of 90% within the first two weeks.
  • KR2: Reach a customer satisfaction rate of 80%.
  • KR3: Ensure 80% of customer inquiries are answered within the first two hours.

Objective: Keep the team connected

  • KR1: Ensure that all projects have their own channel for messages and calls on our communication app by the end of the first month.
  • KR2: Create three online spaces where people with similar hobbies can connect with each other.
  • KR3: Run three in-person and four virtual team-building events this quarter.

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