OKR Examples for Design Teams

Objective: Create new brand guidelines

  • KR1: Design at least three different style options based on feedback from other teams.
  • KR2: Create a library with 100 frequently used design elements and a style guide.
  • KR3: Introduce the new brand guidelines to the company.
  • KR4: Rollout the guidelines by 30% increments each sprint across all customer-facing materials including the website.

Objective: Support marketing efforts to increase brand awareness

  • KR1: Create a content calendar aligned with marketing, social and content teams.
  • KR2: Add infographics or animated video shorts to blog posts to increase the conversion rate by 20%.
  • KR3: Refresh website look and feel.
  • KR4: Refresh current ad designs to increase click-through rate by 50%.

Objective: Improve brand consistency

  • KR1: All design team members understand the company’s branding guidelines.
  • KR2: Pages on the website are updated in 30% increments each week to match the brand image.
  • KR3: Ensure all teams have public and shareable materials that are in line with our brand image.
  • KR4: 90% of employees feel that our designs are consistent.

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