OKR Examples for Engineering Teams

Objective: Improve the quality of our product

  • KR1: Increase customer satisfaction rate with the product to 80%.
  • KR2: Reduce the average number of new bug reports from 70 to 40 per month.
  • KR3: Increase test coverage from 20% to 40%.
  • KR4: Improve initial loading time from 2s to 0.8s.

Objective: Improve the security of our products

  • KR1: Identify potential weak points within three months.
  • KR2: Update all libraries to the newest versions by the end of the quarter.
  • KR3: Introduce automated vulnerability scanning to all repositories within six months.
  • KR4: Ensure all products meet a security threshold of 80%.

Objective: Improve product operations

  • KR1: Maintain an 80% efficiency rate for all software products.
  • KR2: Identify three new tools that could improve operations by 20%.
  • KR3: Review and update all standard operating procedures within the next three months.
  • KR4: Create a content hub to house software and troubleshooting guides.

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