OKR Examples for Finance Teams

Objective: Simplify and make financial reporting more transparent

  • KR1: Implement a new cloud-based reporting platform to increase transparency.
  • KR2: Reduce the amount of late primary documentation by 20%.
  • KR3: Speed up the total payment processing time for claims by 80%.
  • KR4: Ensure 75% of invoices are categorized by expense type before they are filed.

Objective: Increase confidence in forecasts

  • KR1: Set a sensible forecasting rhythm (i.e., monthly, quarterly, yearly) and stick to it for the next 12 months.
  • KR2: Complete 10 accurate forecasts with results falling within 10% over-under of set parameters.
  • KR3: Identify three critical growth levers across the organization and share them with the company.

Objective: Move to an in-house accounting and reporting system

  • KR1: Successfully onboard a dedicated accounting and reporting team.
  • KR2: Run four training briefings to ensure all finance teams are familiar with the new system.
  • KR3: Transfer all required company documents to a cloud server in rolling 30% increments.
  • KR4: Prepare and file monthly GST returns with 100% accuracy.

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