OKR Examples for HR Teams

Objective: Improve the recruitment process to target top-tier candidates

  • KR1: Increase the number of quality applicants for job openings in the sales teams by 30%.
  • KR2: Review the existing interview and assessment process to ensure that only qualified applicants (scores of 80% and higher) pass to the next step.
  • KR3: Reduce the time spent to evaluate applicants to two days.
  • KR4: Maintain a 4:1 onsite “Interview Offer” ratio.

Objective: Implement a training program to upskill employees

  • KR1: Interview 80% of employees and identify the top three skills that teams lack.
  • KR2: Complete three key competency training sessions with average score over 80%.
  • KR3: Reach work confidence score of 70% from participants of the training program.

Objective: Improve workplace satisfaction

  • KR1: Launch an ongoing 2-way closed-loop feedback process and get 50 feedback entries.
  • KR2: Introduce a flexible working policy where employees can choose to work remotely two days a week.
  • KR3: Introduce an employee wellness program to reduce work stress by 60%.
  • KR4: Maintain a quarterly 80% workplace satisfaction score.

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