OKR Examples for Operations Teams

Objective: Scale our company operations in order to better serve our customers and employees

  • KR1: Double supply chain capacity while maintaining an operational perfection score of 90%.
  • KR2: Achieve a 16% profit margin through production improvements.
  • KR3: Introduce a new workflow management system to increase employee productivity by 30%.

Objective: Improve our internal documents management system.

  • KR1: Choose and launch a new cloud document-sharing platform.
  • KR2: Move 100% of existing documents from file servers to the new system by 30% increments each sprint.
  • KR3: Have each team create their own directory structure for documents and share it with the wider organization.
  • KR4: Achieve an 80% satisfaction rate with the new system.

Objective: Develop an excellent company culture

  • KR1: Identify and solve the top five problems hindering company culture.
  • KR2: Implement a new onboarding process to increase onboarding satisfaction rate by 50%.
  • KR3: Conduct quarterly work satisfaction surveys across the company.
  • KR4: Reach 95% average work satisfaction rate.

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