OKR Examples for Product Teams

Objective: Successfully launch a new product version

  • KR1: Identify a gap in the market for a new version of the product.
  • KR2: Get feedback from 100 existing users.
  • KR3: Increase the number of features from three to five.
  • KR4: Launch a four-week digital marketing campaign to introduce the new product version.

Objective: Improve customer satisfaction

  • KR1: Run a survey to understand our customers’ experiences with our product.
  • KR2: Introduce a customer satisfaction metric for each product with a threshold of 80% as a good rating.
  • KR3: Reduce a support ticket’s open time from 14 days to 7 days.
  • KR4: Achieve customer satisfaction rate of 80%.

Objective: Increase knowledge about our products across the company

  • KR1: Achieve a 90% knowledge rate about our products across all departments.
  • KR2: Run three lunch-and-learns on each product over three months.
  • KR3: Conduct three cross-functional knowledge sharing sessions for each department.
  • KR4: Set up a bi-weekly peer-to-peer 1:1 with a product marketer for each team.

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