OKR Examples for Sales Teams

Objective: Have all sales representatives exceed their last year’s achievements

  • KR1: 80% of representatives hit or exceed their annual target for the year.
  • KR2: Create a training program for the sales team to upskill representatives by 20%.
  • KR3: Increase qualified leads conversion rate by 30%.

Objective: Improve our sales nurturing process.

  • KR1: Increase the number of follow-up meetings to reach an average of 40%.
  • KR2: Implement an email nurturing campaign to follow-up on demo requests.
  • KR3: Reduce the time between receiving a demo request and scheduling a call by 60%.
  • KR4: Decrease the sales cycle for the basic product from 35 days to 14 days.

Objective: Build a healthy and sustainable sales pipeline

  • KR1: Achieve a monthly pipeline of $1M.
  • KR2: Sign 23% “Enterprise” deals.
  • KR3: Increase total enriched leads to 75%.
  • KR4: Increase the number of product demos per week by 30%.

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