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Plan to succeed.

Set the right foundations for project success by prioritizing, organizing and tracking objectives and key results within Jira.

Easily connect Jira issues to OKRs.

Easily connect Jira issues to OKRs.

If Jira and OKRs are central to how your teams work, then why silo them? Assign tasks to project stakeholders and empower them to take ownership of key results. Now your OKRs are visible across the board, and your teams have a clear path to success.

  • Create and keep your OKRs right in Jira without any external tools.
  • Link issues to objectives and see progress statuses.
Visualize success in one dashboard.

Visualize success in one dashboard.

Create and manage OKRs in Jira. Now everyone has a powerful OKR dashboard to track progress towards their most important goals. You’ll always be up to date, with a view of the progress and status of your team’s goals, all collected and displayed in one place.

  • Easily update status of your objectives.
  • Easily update key results progress.
Monitor team progress in real-time.

Monitor team progress in real-time.

Get live updates on how your teams are progressing in each assigned task. Understanding the trend line will help you predict whether you’re on track to achieving your objectives. Plan long-term goals for your teams and easily report on their progress and status.

  • Get real-time progress updates on tasks.
  • Create future OKRs and easily access your past objectives for reference.

Helping users focus on their most important goals.

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