Security Statement

1. Overview

JQL Search Extensions for Jira Cloud (JSE) uses hosted service to index data required JQL keywords. JSE runs on Amazon Web Services Cloud. JSE does not store customer data.
Technical logs are stored for a period of 14 days. Each web request, from and to Jira Cloud, is authenticated and authorized before access is allowed, and all communication is secured through SSL.

2. Data Storage

JSE does not store any customer data. Data for the new JQL keywords is stored in the Jira Cloud instance. We store logs for period of 14 days, which do not contain any customer data. However, for the purpose of troubleshooting, we can change the log level to include keys of Jira projects and issues which were not processed successfully.

3. Access

In order to guarantee proper quality of the service, Digital Toucan support team can access JSE technical logs. The access to the logs is restricted to Digital Toucan employees and consultants only.

4. Backups

JSE does not store any customer data, therefore backups are not required.

5. Commitment to fix security vulnerabilities

The following table represents our commitment to fix security vulnerabilities basing on their CVSS score.

CVSS ScoreTime Commitment
High7.0 – 8.97 days

Service Level Agreement

When creating a support request through Digital Toucan’s support desk, we will respond within no more than 24 business hours from the time of your initial request. Our goals are to answer the majority of requests within the same business day. Digital Toucan will use reasonable efforts to provide support in accordance with this Service Level Agreement, and will not be responsible for any delays caused by the customer for reasons beyond Digital Toucan’s control.

Business Hours and Response Time

Digital Toucan’s business hours are from 9am to 5 pm GMT, Monday through Friday. All requests are answered within 24 business hours, excluding national holidays. We are constantly monitoring our support channels to respect the high priority of our enterprise customers and any critical issues.

Support Channels

You can request support through one of the following channels:

  • Submitting a ticket through Digital Toucan’s issue tracking system
  • Requests made through open forums such as Atlassian Answers are monitored by our support team and answered on a best-effort basis.

Digital Toucan’s Support Includes:

  • Assistance with configuring Digital Toucan products
  • Help with troubleshooting problems withDigital Toucan products
  • Help with issues arising out of Digital Toucan product upgrades

Digital Toucan’s Support Does Not Include:

  • Phone support
  • Product training
  • Support for Jira configurations not related to aDigital Toucan’s product

GDPR Compliance

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